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Make Your Credit Cards Work for You

Most of us grow up being raised to fear credit cards. Many people have parents who have been plagued by them. Many more got one or two when they were young, maxed them out, and then spent the rest of their young adulthood trying to pay them off. Now, credit …

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Maximizing Reward Credit Card Usage

I love using credit cards, and I always try to maximize my rewards. To quote a poster on MSN money boards “they’ll have to pry my CC out of my cold hands.” I thought his quote highly amusing. My DH and I are not your typical credit card user, neither …

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Help May Be on the Way for Credit Cardholders

Hearings Held on Proposed Credit Card Bill of Rights Law If some legislators have their way, credit card companies will no longer be able to gouge consumers with exorbitant fees resulting from unfair practices such as double-cycle billing, surreptitiously changing payment due-dates, charging repeated fees for over-limit violation, and raising …

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