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Five Steps to Learning the Stock Market

The stock market is a very important part of the United States and the Global Economies. While some people believe that the stock market is too complicated to understand and that only the local stockbroker or a financial advisor should know the way things work, it really is a great …

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Stock Market Performance and Political Parties

The two political parties in the United States differ markedly in their views about economic policy. This has led many within the financial services industry to think that if one of the parties is in power, that the economy and particularly the stock market will perform better. I examined this …

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Tips to Succeed in Today’s Stock Markets

Stock Investing is not as simple as one would predict it to be. Only having requisite cash for spending doesn’t help the cause. With the cash you should also possess an analytical mind that have the ability to take calculated risks that could be paid of. Stock investing has dual …

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